City adventures

Sunday 3 April 2016

Hey guys

Sorry i haven't posted in ages , school has been crazy and i just ahvent had the xhance yet to post !

A couple of things for you guys  to expect soon!
▪ summer mega movie : my summer in 4 minutes
▪ camping adventures
▪ some new goodies
▪ houseboat movie

Here some photos from me and moira's latest adventures !!

We travelled to melbourne central and explored some of the beauties in the city !

We visited
° h+m
°  melbourne central
° bourke street
° collins alley
° napoli , russel ave
° bourke st
° emporium
° i am ugly

Sea shepherd fundraiser

Tuesday 2 February 2016

take #2

This post is a long time coming I am so so so sorry , I created it the other day and my computer updated itself and of course deleted it ugghhh, But never mind! So if your completely confused , Don't worry I'll explain.

So in early November I had a stall at my school market which i raised funds for Sea shepherd Australia. To raise money I asked local shops, organisations and companies if they could donate products to go into a raffle, well in the end I actually ended with 4 separate raffles and some stuff still left over which quickly got snuffled up by interested buyers. In the end I had calculated over 4500$ worth of products had been donated to me. And that's excluding the amount of money shipping must of cost as well! ;)

I never have been so proud to be apart of something so great , it was so much fun and it was all because of you guys! The people who brought tickets or a ring, my sponsors and of course my family!It was such a great experience whether I met you in person , by text or even email I owe you guys a lot.

So the final tally was

- over 200 tickets sold
-and 1017$ earned and donated to sea shepherd!

I honestly cannot thank you guys enough! I would love to infinitely thank

I'm sure i haven't missed anybody but if i have just email me :)

You guys would be happy to know that the sea shepherd's Australian vessel Steve Irwin has just concluded its 15th day in the rough seas of Antarctica chasing down Patagonian tooth fish poachers as well as the elusive fleet of Japanese whalers. And its all thanks to you guys they were able to buy 1017$ worth more of fuel, or even vegan supplies needed for the voyage!

Once again I cannot repeat how much of an Honor it has been working with you guys, you are all so generous and so kind and it has been an absolute pleasure to meet and talk to you all, I hope this year ii will have the same opportunity again to make a difference and this year I'm aiming to double it!

I honestly cannot thank each one of you enough it has been an absolute pleasure!

xxx Ella + the whales

status anxiety

Saturday 30 January 2016

I'm so excited everyone it finally arrived , my wallet!!!!

I think its the first time Aussie post actually delivered on time but that's beside the point. It came!
So my wallet "the antiheroine" is made and created but the awesome people at status anxiety  Australia. I love it !!!! 

It's quite big for a traditional wallet but it could be used as a clutch,

It is made from Italian leather ! It has beautiful texture to it and inside you could fit your phone , sunnies, money and all of your cards as well as even your iPad or a small diary. It's great!

Inside it has 6 card holders as well an outside pocket to keep your sunnies or a little snack !
It can be found at Status anxiety antiheroine.

It isn't your traditional wallet, more like it's rebel cousin but it has style and a little spunk while its at it! As well as beautiful features which make it stand out from the crowd!

xx ella

Caca Brun

Hey everyone

Sorry I haven't posted in ages , don't worry there is lots to come :).
So recently I went to lush and I saw they had hair henna.
So if you were wondering what hair henna is, its a essentially henna for your hair.
Henna is a  natural dye sourced from southern Asia , and some tropical parts of northern Queensland. It is plant based and vegan friendly and it doesn't ruin your roots like traditional hair dyes. They have a range of henna dyes such as

  • caca brun ( my favorite) 
  • caca marron ( dark red/brown)
  • caca noir ( black color )
  • + caca rouge ( red / gingerish color)
The kit only cost about 25$ which sounds expensive but if you compare it to other brands which don't have the trusted brand check like Lush its actually quite good! So I thought lets give it a go and it was actually quite a fun experience and something I had never tried before.

So to begin you get your henna and chop it up into little blocks so it melts quicker. * important note : if you've got short or really thin hair I would suggest only using half a block because it can get quite messy if you use the whole block but if you're like me and have middle/short hair but its quite thick feel free to use the whole block, that's what i did. :)

After this place all of the chopped bits into a pot and cover it with  a couple of boiling water , wait a couple of minutes and stir so it comes to a texture of a brownie mix , (don't eat it as tempting as it may seem.)

Once you've done this you can  apply it ! But first I would really suggest putting down an old blanket or something you don't mind getting messy because it does drop out of your hair a lot when your putting it in , so its a bit easier cleaning up or even do it a place easily hosed like a shower or in your back yard . Also I would suggest using gloves so you don't stain your hands and LUSH ultra balm . Don't worry you don't have to buy these products as your friends at lush will give them to you anyway :). with the ultra balm I would suggest applying it to your outer face, ears, neck and wrists so they don't get stained. 

So the nitty-gritty part yay!. Grab a giant handful of henna and just smother it in to a chunk of hair starting from the root and soften out to the end , I tied half of my hair up and did one side while the other one was up but what ever works best with your hair :). once you've done all of your strands from tip to top, you can just leave it or in my case I wrapped my head in glad wrap. Sounds funny but I had two reasons for this A. its less likely to stain walls and objects and B. it also comes out a little more red because there's less oxygen getting too the henna . 

You look  a bit like an alien/weirdo for a little while but its all worth it ;)

It says in the instructions 3-4 hours leave it in for but if you're anything like me you can't wait I had it in for 2 hours but it's all of what you want if you want a lighter brown go for a shorter spans of time or darker go for longer its all up to you!

To wash it out i wouldn't suggest anything but having a shower then it all comes out, I washed the bigger chunks out first then I shampooed it twice to get it all out and finished it off with a conditioner!

Now brush that sexy head of hair and toss it in front of all your friends!

and thats it!

xx ella

S01 E01

Sunday 3 January 2016

Hi, my name is Ella and I'm 15 years old.

Welcome to my little blog of joy, happiness and unlimited imagination with a minimalist touch to it. I've created it to help show you guys some of the awesome possibilities and adventures melbourne and australia has to offer !
So to start i thought i would tell you guys a little about me !

•My name is Ella and i live in melbourne , victoria
• I'm currently in year 10 and would love to complete a doctorate of Veterinary medicine at melbourne uni once im finished VCE.
•I'm an all rounder so i love art but i also love science and math as well as health studies.
•I'm a trampolinist and a surfer.
•I'm pescetarian (i do not eat any sort of red meat ).

So you probably ask what will this blog include ....
We im happy to say that p+p will be about not just one thing but many combined such as

• adventures
• outfits
• diys
• photography
• vegan/vegetarian recipes
• art
• beauty and health
• and so so so so so much more

hope you enjoy it babes

xxx El